Aaron Bright

"I’ve always had an interest in technology and computers and have a passion for fixing problems. The technology in this field is always evolving, and I love helping my team members learn the new updates so that they can better help clients."

Aaron is the IT Manager for AGL where he brings nearly two decades of experience to the role. He specializes in MS Office, Windows maintenance and implementation, as well as ensuring the firm’s AWS cloud servers are properly configured and managed. He is responsible for keeping the firm’s technology updated, secure and running efficiently so its team can provide the best and most efficient services to clients.

Aaron attended DeVry University where he studied Informaton Systems and Technology. He is happily married and currently trying to keep up with a toddler son. When not working, you can find him cooking, playing video games or spending time with his family and friends.


  • Originally from Cocoa Beach, FL, Aaron now calls Austell, GA home.
  • When not in the office, Aaron loves to collect and play video games, fly drones and nerd out over cars.
  • While many would name something like ice cream or pie as a favorite dessert, Aaron likes to buck the trend with popcorn.
  • He would never consider bungee jumping but is hoping to go skydiving one day.
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