Summer Leadership Program

LEAD: Summer Leadership Program AGL’s LEAD program is a two-day leadership program for rising juniors, seniors and master’s students pursuing a degree in Accounting, specifically for those interested in pursuing a career in public accounting. The program will be held in person in our Duluth office on Wednesday, June 12 and Thursday, June 13, 2024.What […]

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Non-Profit & Tax Exempt Organizations

Serving those that serve others Most for-profit businesses are motivated to increase profits for shareholders, owners and others with stake in the company. Non-profits are motivated by a different goal: to make the world a better place. While there are no true owners of non-profit organizations, transparency is vital to gaining and keeping the trust

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Mortgage Brokers

Solid advice mortgage brokers need Few other industries ebb and flow as much as real estate lending, and recent legislation and regulatory changes are creating challenges for the personal and commercial mortgage lending landscape. Our expertise providing specialized audit, tax and advisory services – as well as lessons learned from the successes, challenges, mistakes, and occasional

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Expertise to Run More Smoothly The manufacturing industry is once again thriving, yet also facing extraordinary challenges, including fluctuating demand, an unreliable supply chain, and worker scarcity. And while carefully managing company finances is vital to all businesses, for those in manufacturing not paying careful attention to your numbers can quickly turn into a disaster.  At

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Professional Services

Financial Input You Need to Succeed Running a professional services firm successfully is vastly different than running any other type of business – and so is the tax planning and advisory services needed to run it successfully. For architects, engineers, physicians, and lawyers, your “product” is your knowledge and time, but even more it is

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Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Proactive Advice for Fund Growth It is uncommon to find an accounting and advisory firm that understands the complex requirements and deal flow of private equity and hedge funds. Even more rare is to find a team with intimate knowledge of how private equity works that takes a proactive approach to tax planning and to

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Bioscience & Healthcare

Running a Healthy Business Those in the healthcare and bioscience industries have had to meet unforeseen challenges during the pandemic. Simply keeping up with the needs of patients, learning about new treatments and medicines, and hiring and retaining the staff to deliver the services has been difficult to say the least.  Yet, even during the most

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Keeping Up With The Speed of Tech Atlanta is fast becoming a hub for all things technology. As the demand for groundbreaking IT has increased, and the options for delivering it have grown, so too has this industry’s need for financial insights that can help spur growth. Running a successful technology company comes with its challenges.

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Small Businesses

Expertise to Help Your Business Grow As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to big responsibilities. Getting your business off the ground was one thing but keeping it up and running successfully is a whole other issue. If you are like most business owners, you are passionate about what you do – and likely very

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Brokers, Dealers & RIAs

Be Prepared for Any Challenge We don’t have to tell those in the broker-dealer industry that their world is inundated with increasingly complex new rules and regulations that seem to change on a routine basis. What we can tell you is that partnering with an accounting firm that understands your specialized needs will help you

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