Construction & Real Estate

Building a Strong Financial Foundation

Those in construction are faced with a plethora of challenges every day. From finding and keeping qualified laborers to finding materials to do the jobs you have to meeting the needs of ever demanding customers. Add to that the impact of technological advances, growing competition, and governmental regulations, and you have your hands full trying to run a profitable business. Real estate professionals are equally stressed as market conditions rise and fall on a dime, competition is fierce, and properties are scarce. 


Finding the right accounting firm won't solve all these issues, but it can help you understand your financial position and minimize the tax burden on your company. It is important to partner with a team that takes a proactive approach and can prepare you for both good times and bad, so you are ready for what the market brings at all times. 


Our experience working with construction and real estate companies range from start-ups to middle market companies in industries including general contractors, subcontractors, joint ventures, electrical contractors, real estate funds, industrial and residential development groups and other construction and real estate companies. We understand the challenges that these companies face and can help you understand what needs to be done to remain successful and grow. 

What We Do

  • Assurance – audits/reviews/
  • Tax consulting and compliance
  • Transaction services
  • General consulting

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